Recycling circuit boards from computers and electronics

Some basic guidelines are:

  • Green boards only, no brown boards (must be green on both sides)
  • Prices are subject to physical inspection
  • For best prices, remove:
    • Heat sinks (recyclable on their own)
    • Capacitors larger than a pencil eraser
    • Transformers and electric motors (recyclable on their own)
    • Excess attached metal and copper wire (recyclable on their own)
    • Excess attached plastic
  • Keep memory sticks separate, as they are worth more!

What we’re looking for:

  • Gold “fingers” on the edge of boards (look for RAM cards and memory sticks)
  • Gold colored contact points
  • Other gold colored and plated metal surfaces

Feel free to bring in a small sample for us to look at and to give you an idea of what it might possibly be worth.

Please call with questions!