Commercial Document Destruction

Sensitive documents to be destroyed? Our Secure Document Destruction Service could be just what you need!


Here are some of the benefits of our service:

• Shredded materials are recycled after processing.

• Once the material is in our possession it is kept in a locked cart on wheels. It is then kept in a locked, secured area until it is shredded.

• Anyone handling the material has had a background check done on them.

• This service is available for you to bring material in, or we can pick up your documents at your location.

• Delivering to us? We charge 20 cents per pound, with a $15 minimum.

• If you are interested in our pickup service, please see below.


The following materials are okay to be left with your documents:

• Rubber bands

• Small pieces of metal, like pinch clips, paper clips & staples

• Black binder clips

• Fastener or medical file folders – see picture below

• Plastic report covers

• Plastic-coated paper

• Window envelopes

• Foil or foil-coated paper

• Carbon paper

• Photos

• Tape

• Spiral bindings-usually notebooks

The following materials are okay if very minimal, however, not preferred.

• Paper plates

• Napkins

• Paper towels

• Tissue (Kleenex, etc)

Please remove the following from your documents, as they cannot go through the shredder:

• No Food and food containers (example: used pizza boxes)

• No Garbage

• NOTE: No Corrugated cardboard (box glue and the size of the boxes can cause fires in the shredding process)

Ask about shredding old compact discs, floppy disks and credit cards



Document Destruction Pickup Service


Earthworks can provide lockable containers, which are on wheels and have a slot on top. Every time we come to pick up your materials, we can take the full bin and exchange it for an empty container (which can be left locked or unlocked). We also do one time clean outs (see below)


If you wanted to have a bin at your business year-round, instead of charging a monthly rental fee on our container, we just require a once every other month pickup of the container, at minimum, with a rental fee after 2 months with no pickup.

If this is a one-time only service, we can load your material into a container, lock it, and haul it away. You can also have the bin at your location for a small time period of time, and we can pick it up later. If you have your documents in boxes, we can simply haul the boxes away and keep them secure at our location.



-Call for info on residential pickups-

Typical Rates per Pickup:

One 65 - Gallon Locking Container – $40 per bin per pickup if less than 2 month frequency

We also offer hard drive removal and destruction, ask for details.




Earthworks Recycling

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