2018 Fall Leaf Drop Off

Urban Eden Farm (logo)
2018 Fall
Leaf Drop Off Event!

2115 S. Cherry St, Vinegar Flats Neighborhood, Spokane
Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM, November 4th and November 18th

$10 per load charge for loose leaves, any bags must be dumped

(All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

Farmers Market Booth OPEN!
Selling Organic Vegetables Onsite!
*In Season Veggies Only*

Red & Golden Beets, Acorn/Hubbard & Spaghetti Squash,
Carrots, Pumpkins and Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)
*Subject to Change*



Important Information:


*No more than 5% of load may be pine needles*

*No street leaves (to avoid auto fluids), limbs or branches*

*No pet poop* (not safe for growing vegetables)

*No trash or litter* (Pickup your trash before the leaves fall!)

*No horse chestnuts, shells or nuts*

Ask for Jim @ 534-1638

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 Email us at: [email protected]


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