Don't abuse your dumpster!

We recycle old and surplus and overprinted catalogs, brochures and flyers!

We also recycle all of your old paperwork, mail and files. 

Your trash bill will thank you!

Click Here or call for details! (509) 534-1638

Bonuses now being payed for #2 Pallets!!

Until further notice we are paying $3.50 per #2 pallet delivered to Earthworks! 

See our pallet page for prices and grading guidelines.



Check out the


Full of all kinds of items that are just too good to recycle!

New items added daily!

723 N Napa Street

Tuesday - Saturday • 9am - 4:30pm • 509-535-3020

Check our our listings on Craigslist! Just type Earthworks into the search bar and see our new items!

Shipping? We sell packing peanuts!

Biodegradable starch peanuts - $17 per 12 cu. ft. bag
Styrofoam packing peanuts - $20 per 14 cu. ft. bag
Call about our 10+ bag discount

We also sell stretch wrap, used and surplus corrugated boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and pallets

Earthworks Warehouse • 509-535-3020

If you bring in Scrap Metal to Earthworks, please read our information page about the Washington State Scrap Metal Recycling Law. You may also find our Frequently Asked Questions list helpful.


General Information

Find out how you can help our local communities by donating newspapers to the Lions Clubs!

You are also able to view and print PDF versions of our flyers online!

For Your Home/Office

Find out how to recycle your Christmas Tree this year!                                                                                
We are now offering a hard drive destruction service to complement our current computer and electronic recycling efforts! You can watch as your sensitive information is destroyed.

Have a need for some secure documents to be recycled? Our Document Destruction service could be just what you need.

Find out how to recycle Fluorescent Light Tubes.
Buying and Selling Prices

We also sell recycled pallets, baling wire, used barrels and drums, moving boxes, and packing materials.

Sell Your Metals!  Here are our buying prices!

"Join the action! Recycling is the American way! Let's be united in the keeping the Pacific Northwest beautiful! Do more recycling if you can!" 

-Clark Dickson, Earthworks Recycling Customer,     2003

About Earthworks
A list of our current job opportunities is now available online!

If you live in Spokane, recycling is easy! Our location is 1904 E. Broadway Ave. in Spokane, Washington.

Our regular hours are:
Monday - Saturday: 8am to 4:30pm.
No Loads will be accepted after 4:30pm
We're closed Sundays and some holidays.

Also, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Earthworks Recycling, Inc.    1904 E Broadway, Spokane WA 99202     (509) 534-1638